Workout (WO)

The program represents a way of exercise in which with music and usage of different props (various weights, sets of rods and weights, elastic bands, large balls etc) a person performs movements in the aerobic mode, in order to increase strength, muscle endurance, definitions and the reduction of body fat.

Since this is a group program it is designed by such principles that is suitable to everyone, regardless of age and gender (because it allows participants to use weights depending on their capabilities), an easier pace of work allows communication between instructor and participants in order to achieve a sense of security while exercising, while music and rhythm contribute to achieve good atmosphere and entertainment.

Some of the characteristics WO program are:
– creating active muscle mass in all body regions
– increasing the strength of all muscle groups
– reduction of subcutaneous fat
– consolidation and strengthening of bones, joints and chord system
– increasing muscle endurance
– developing motor ability (speed, flexibility, endurance, coordination, balance, precision, strength and repetitive-explosive-static)
– prevention of injuries of the loco-motor system due to body inactivity

As such, the WO program, allows treatment of all muscle groups and focus on specific regions of the body, achieving the correct posture of the body and core stability, strengthening the back which is weakened by modern lifestyle and achieve overall good mood.