Feel your body

I think the title of the program says it all, obviously the targeted group are people who want to relax with easy rythms and at the same time feel their bodys and get in touch with their own body. The program has a lower intensity, which does not mean that you dont lose any calories. The whole workout is more on a slower note, without tense movements because the main goal is controling your stamina. This method involves breathing techniques in coordination with your body movement, balance and correct body grip. The workout tones your abdominal and back muscles, which are crucial in maintaining stability and energy. The key to this program is that you need to understand your body and its abilities in order for you to have results. If you want to relax, forget your bad day at the office, forget the person that made you mad and you thought all day what you could have said back but you didnt  , well this is where you relax and get you focus at the same time. Free your mind!