Davor Ilič

Davor_Ilic (1)Davor Ilič was born on 14.05.1982. in Pula (Croatia). They say that when you are a kid you somewhat get an idea of what you will be doing your whole life, unfortunately not a lot of people get lucky and have continious contact with their life passion. Well Davor belongs in that lucky group. At the age of 6 he started locking himself in his room trying out various dance steps …thats when he ditched his toys !
At the age of 7 he starts dancing in various profesional dancing studios. During his education he danced for the schools dance team but at the same time he attended various seminars and participated in numerous manifestations.

After being in touch continiously with movement, in 2006 he attends the World Championship of Modern Dance in Rimini( Italy), and in two years consequently wins the first place in Latin-Caribbean dances, and second place in Salsa couple dance. While dancing, he also had his Latin aerobic classes that were always filled with students!
Love for dance took him to the next step. He initiated and organised the first Grimani Festival of Dance in the Istrian Region which was a complete success because it lasted for three days and was internationally known and well visited. Instructors from all over Europe came and shared their knowledge of Latin Dances.

The most rewarding moment came in 2008 when he was introduced to the Zumba® Fitness program. In 2009 he attended the international Fitness Convention in Rimini where he danced with Alberto“ Beto“ Perez, and became the first licensed male Croatian Zumba ®Fitness Instructor. Once he passed the first step of zumba, he easily continued further and recieved the licenses for: Zumatomica®, Aqua Zumbe®,Body Skills, and TRX.

After having all these licences, knowledge, experience and good will he came to the idea of having his own center where the people of the small town of Pula can get a life.
The Center „ Get a life“ has been opened in 2011….and it still continious to have life, energy, power and lots of smiles.

Don’t think…Get a life!!!